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Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View Still Life



June 2023

STATEMENTI work in watercolor because I love its serendipity in the way that pigment, water and substrate combine. However, the completed image demands that I exert a certain level of control. As I paint objects, patterns and tiles I become immersed in the details and create an inner dialogue with them and how they relate to each other. The objects also become part of a narrative that will emerge as the completed painting. The titles of my pieces often suggest that narrative.My wish is for the audience to come away with a visceral response to the messages and designs in each of my paintings. A narrative is embedded within for the viewer to create.My latest series combine objects, patterns and perspective. One work has a bottle of champagne and a tin of caviar. Could this be a celebration or an overindulgence? Other paintings suggest desire and craving for material things and the natural world.In still another painting toys are strewn on the floor; a normal situation. But utilizing a bird's eye view asks my audience to really look at the objects and see the shapes, shadows and textures as never before. Then it is up to them to create their own narrative; their interpretations and stories.
Prints are available for all the paintings displayed. Please contact me with inquiries.

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