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2024 Artsy Reads

Patrick Brinkley is relishing his life as a writer for The New Yorker. Patrick feels that he is on his way to an amazing career when his brother's cancer diagnosis and death turns his world upside dow. He questions his career choices and in the depth of grief decides to quit working at The New Yorker. Needing solace he is drawn to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is here that he is able to work through his grief by becoming a guard. At first while learning the ropes, Patrick is able to process his emotions and response to death by gazing at masterpieces in the various galleries. Gradually Patrick rouses from his grief and opens up to the camaraderie of the other guards. His descriptions of the guards and their love of the Museum creates a microcosm of a neighborhood. As the narrative continues Patrick discusses how great art can heal you. He describes his favorite pieces, galleries and how he interacts with visitors from around the world.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was above letter to the museum and to the guards. I loved how the guards took Patrick into their care; knowing he deeply grieved and guided him until he was able to function again. As an artist, I loved that art that moved me also moved others not trained in design or art techniques.

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