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A Christmas Gift

My husband gifted me with a new watercolor palette from Kremer Pigments. Since 1977 Kremer Pigmente has provided products for artists, restorers and conservationists.

The company began in Germany and opened a New York City store in 1989. They produce colors for oils, retouching and watercolors. They are all handmade and produced according to old recipes. The store also has natural dyes, modern synthetic pigments, solvents, chemicals, additives as well as tools, brushes, papers and canvas on sale.

The Palette that my husband purchased is described as the Renaissance palette.

As you can see the palette unfolds and has two mixing areas and contains 14 pigments.

The pigments include 3 metallics, black and white. The pigments are creamy when moistened, and intense. A little goes a long way. They blend beautifully. I have been experimenting with them. Below, is the first watercolorI painted using the Kremer palette. The reds flowed as I wet the surface. They were easily controlled. I tried some salt in the background and did not get the usual results using a mix of the green, turquoise, and yellows. I will continue to experiment witness paints. I will post them in future posts.

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